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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Three Powerful Stories

May 1865. Three American Civil War prisoners of war, who met in the infamous Andersonville Military Prison for Union soldiers, survive because of their friendship and Christian faith. A carpenter, a Texas rancher, and a river town sheriff all possess iron determination to make up for lost time. The men were at a crossroads in their lives, and so were a steamboat songstress, a Texas range woman, and a woman with a devastating secret. Will the plans God has for each man and woman be the same plans they had? Not in a million years.



DUTY             COURAGE                INTEGRITY

May 1865. All Dan Goodman wants is to marry an uncomplicated girl and have a family, but the war interfered and he became a POW who now believes he’s losing his mind and unfit for marriage. He dreams of Oregon to put the memories behind him. The problem is he owes a debt of gratitude to the beautiful songstress. In addition, Clara Barton wants him to be a witness for the prosecution in the first trial for war crimes in American history.

                        INDEPENDENT        ENTERPRISING       FEISTY
Letty Talbot is a world-weary steamboat songstress, and wants a new direction after sudden loss. Letty decides to run a supply depot for emigrants going out West, and talks Dan into a partnership where he builds the prairie schooners. Letty won’t admit she wants to keep Dan from leaving. Even though they butt heads a lot, no man ever interested Letty as this one did.

                                    TRUST            LOVE             PEACE
If Letty marries Dan she losses her depot, because married women have no property rights. Letty must learn to trust God with her future. Dan must forgive fellow Union inmates who killed for selfish reasons, and face the commandant of Andersonville Prison in a court of law. Allowing his Oregon dream to fade, he can then embrace the future God planned for him.


September 1865. Brice Bruton arrives in Texas, where his wife and daughter fled from their Harrisburg, PA farm before the Gettysburg Battle. Brice learns his wife had died while he served the Union Army. Grief stricken, he rides to the Colbert ranch to pick up his daughter.

Lainie Colbert, unmarried spinster, loves Emily and can’t bear to lose the girl. Brice knows he can’t travel with a child and no wife, so he accepts a job as cowhand on the Colbert spread. Amid life on a Texas cattle ranch that include rounding up unbranded cattle and wild horses, Brice and Lainie clash over how to raise Emily, but manage to fall in love and marry.


November 1866 – Lucy Garner just buried her stillborn, conceived from rape by her adopted father’s stepson. Grieving, she escapes her past by working for a family headed to Oregon by wagon train. Lucy’s kindness and strong belief in God attract Nat Renshaw’s unwanted interest.

Nat Renshaw’s boyish good looks disguise his intense personality. Becoming a POW of the Confederates did nothing to improve his outlook. Fearless, he’s elected temporary sheriff for a river town. His admiration for Lucy grows into love and they marry on the Oregon Trail. As newlyweds, they start with a ready-made family when they adopt orphans from the wagon train.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

PATRIOT HEART, Journey Home Series 1

Letty must learn to trust God with her future. Dan must forgive fellow Union inmates who killed for selfish reasons, and face the commandant of Andersonville Prison in the first trail for war crimes in the United States 1865. Patriot Heart Journey Home 1  by

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

HONOR BOUND, Officers of the 7th Cavalry 2

HONOR BOUND, an Inspirational Historical Romance Set in the West
Officers of the 7th Cavalry 2

 August 1875. Fort Abraham Lincoln, Dakota Territory. Lieutenant Joseph Hawthorn’s career goals in the United States Army Cavalry, centered upon exceeding Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer’s military achievements. Joe eagerly awaits the 1876 spring campaign with Custer and the famous 7th Cavalry in pursuit of the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians.

August 1875. Bismarck, Dakota Territory. Ivy O’Hanlon and her brother arrive in the Dakota Territory to live with their uncle who owns a tavern. Ivy has a huge problem. Her conscience will not allow her brother to assist Uncle Grady behind the bar. Young Davey O’Hanlon idolizes Custer’s officers and wants to join the 7th Cavalry. Ivy fears losing her brother to the Army, but reluctantly decides the cavalry was better for Davey than working in the tavern.

With a ruined engagement behind him, the last thing Joe needs is to meet a beautiful woman with an Irish temperament, who is determined to help her brother pass the entrance exam into the U.S. Military Academy. As an officer and gentleman Joe could not refuse to tutor Davey O’Hanlon.

Ivy finds Lieutenant Joseph Hawthorn more than a golden-haired officer with vivid blue eyes. He is intensely serious, although manages to capture her romantic interest. For Joe, he tries to resist lovely Ivy O’Hanlon’s charm. After all, he may not return from the Indian campaign scheduled next spring 1876, as the 7th Cavalry heads to the Little Bighorn River valley.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

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