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Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Diane's Antique Book Collection

Etiquette on entering a carriage: “If you enter a carriage with a lady, let her first take her place on the seat facing the horses; then sit opposite, and on no account beside her, unless you are her husband or other near relative. Enter a carriage so that your back is towards the seat you are to occupy; you will thus avoid turning round in the carriage, which is awkward. Take care that you do not trample on the ladies’ dresses, or shut them in as you close the door.”

Etiquette on riding with ladies: “In riding with ladies, recollect that it is your duty to see them in their saddles before you mount. And the assistance they require must not be rendered by the groom; you must assist them yourself.”

Etiquette on meeting a lady out riding: “If, when riding out, you meet a lady with whom you are acquainted, you may bow and ride on; but you cannot with propriety carry on a conversation with her while you retain your seat on horseback. If very anxious to talk to her, it will be your duty to alight, and to lead your horse.”

Etiquette assisting a lady to alight from a horse: “After the ride the gentleman must assist his companion to alight. She must first free her knee from the pommel and be certain that her habit is entirely disengaged. He must then take her left hand in his right and offer his left hand as a step for her foot. He must lower this hand gently and allow her to reach the ground quietly without springing. A lady should not attempt to spring from the saddle.”

Wells, A. M., Richard A., MANNERS, CULTURE AND DRESS, Massachusetts, King, Richardson & Company Publishers, 1893


by Pegg Thomas said...

I love that people used to observe etiquette. *sigh*

Louise M. Gouge said...

How very interesting, Diane. I frequently write about ladies and gentlemen riding both on horseback and in carriages. From what you've shared from an original sourse, I can see I need to make a few revisions in the future! Thanks for sharing.

Louise M. Gouge said...

And I do know how to spell source. LOL!