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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Diane's Antique Book Collection

 The Art of Conversing with Fluency and Propriety

 How to address young gentleman.- Do not be tempted to indulge in another proof of feminine indecorum, which may be countenanced, but can never be sanctioned by example; that of addressing young gentlemen of your acquaintance, who are unconnected with you, by their Christian names. It opens the way to unpleasant familiarities on their part, more effectually than you can well imagine, unless you have been taught the painful lesson by the imprudence of a friend.

Thornwell, Emily, THE LADY’S GUIDE TO COMPLETE ETIQUETTE, New York, Belford, Clarke & Company, 1884

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Susan said...

I like your concept and this is a "cute" post in light of what we see nowdays.