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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Diane's Antique Book Collection


On Arrival of the Train. – On the arrival of the train, he should attend her to the car and secure the best possible seat for her. He should give her the choice of taking the outside or window seat, should stow away her packages in the proper receptacle, and then do all he can to make her journey a pleasant one.

 Arriving at Destination.- Arrived at their destination, he should see her safely in a car or carriage, or at least conduct her to the ladies’ rooms of the station, before he goes to see about the baggage. He should attend her to the door or deliver her into the charge of friends before he relaxes his care. He should call upon her the following day to see how she has withstood the fatigues of her journey. It is optional with her at this time whether she will receive him, and thus prolong the acquaintance, or not. However it is scarcely supposed that a lady of really good breeding would refuse further recognition to one from whom she had accepted such services. If the gentleman is really unworthy of her regard, it would have been in better taste to have recognized the fact at first by declining his escort.

Wells, A. M., Richard A., MANNERS, CULTURE AND DRESS, Massachusetts, King, Richardson & Company Publishers, 1893


Kathleen Maher said...

Diane, this is such a treat to read this. I love the authentic glimpse into the times. Your blog is so pretty and well crafted. I'll be back, for sure!

Mocha with Linda said...

The idea of an escort is charming but also seems like a hassle in a lot of ways!

Always love the glimpse into the past!