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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Jocelyn Green's new release
Book 2 Heroines Behind the Lines - Civil War

After reading WEDDED TO WAR, Book 1 of Heroines Behind the Lines, I couldn’t wait until Book 2, WIDOW OF GETTYSBURG was published.  Even though I knew what happened in Gettysburg July 1-3, 1863, I devoured the story as if I was learning about the tragic event for the first time. I particularly liked that Jocelyn wrote WIDOW OF GETTYSBURG in five acts: The Gathering Storm, The Heavens Collide, In the Fog, The Smoke Clears, and Beauty from Ashes.
The townspeople in WIDOW OF GETTYSBURG are headed for a catastrophe in June 1863, although unaware of the imminent danger. The build up and introduction of characters in WIDOW OF GETTYSBURG increased the stressful anticipation as I read the rumors and misinformation that circulated about General Lee’s army and its exact location. I also felt their hope as ordinary citizens put their trust in Federal troops to protect them. The horrendous drama of a battle, involving thousands of Northern and Southern soldiers, soon erupts within the characters’ hometown, within their front yards, and even within their very homes.
In Act One I met the heroine, Liberty Holloway, a young woman who had a sad childhood but is determined to face the future alone. The handsome hero calls himself Johnny and intends to keep his real identity to himself. Is he a true Rebel or not? The restrictive rules and prejudices, regarding women whether white or freed black are threaded throughout the story realistically. Jocelyn has also written about female slaves and slave owners with straightforward honesty.
WIDOW OF GETTYSBURG is a splendid work of long historical fiction with a touch of romance. Jocelyn’s attention to the complex facts of the battle, combined with the neglect and medical mistreatment of wounded, shortages of medical supplies, food, and clean water is based on historical facts Jocelyn researched thoroughly.
I highly recommend WIDOW OF GETTYSBURG where well-defined characters, dangerous and even quirky, carry you into their turbulent world to a conclusion sure to satisfy anyone who enjoys a story set against the background of an historic calamity that is still discussed today.
Be sure to check out Jocelyn’s “History behind the Story,” in the back of the book. Jocelyn identifies non-fiction characters in WIDOW OF GETTYSBURG who were there in Gettysburg at the time of the battle or afterward to add authenticity to her story. Well done, Jocelyn.


Ann Shorey said...

Widow of Gettysburg is at the top of my TBR pile. In fact, it tugs at my sleeve each time I pass by! I've toured Gettysburg and can't wait to read this book. Thank you for the enticing review.

Jocelyn Green said...

Thanks so much Diane for taking the time to read the book and sharing your opinion of it here. And Ann, I'm delighted that Widow is tugging at you! :) Ha ha

Anonymous said...

It's on my TBR list also. I also have toured Getty.....and it was way too much to absorb in just one visit.... The lives behind those walls....the faith, the ties....now THOSE draw my interest and imagination of what it must have really been like....

Kathleen L. Maher said...

Great review, Diane! One of the hardest things about writing reviews for me is that I want to talk about EVERYTHING, and I can't because of plot spoilers. But I will say you have done a superb job of including all the key stuff without giving anything away. Are you giving away both books together? If so, don't include me, since I've already read and loved Widow of Gettysburg, but if I could have a chance at the biography, I would be very interested in that.
mahereenie at yahoo dot com

by Pegg Thomas said...

I finished the first act last night and can't wait to dig into act two. Lovin' it so far!

Diane Kalas said...

I also toured Gettysburg several years ago. It's difficult to get your head around what happened there. War is fought so differently today. Can't imagine just standing out in the open and in a line without any protection.

Rhonda Ritenour said...

Thank you for sharing this review. I am about to begin reading this series and I am excited to begin.

KatieC said...

Sounds great! I love Civil War stories.

Jo Huddleston said...

Diane, thanks for this great interview. I love Civil War stories and Jocelyn writes them well!