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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My debut novel, PATRIOT HEART

PATRIOT HEART is book 1 of a 3-book project entitled: Journey Home Series. The stories are about three Civil War POWs who met in the infamous Andersonville Prison for Union soldiers and survived because of their friendship and Christian faith. 


Diane Kalas, author

Back Cover Blurb

May 1865. Dan Goodman’s not fully recovered from his POW captivity and keeping a secret: he thinks he is losing his mind and unfit for marriage, his heart’s desire. He plans to travel to Oregon to put Andersonville Prison behind him.
Letty Talbot is a world-weary steamboat songstress, traveling with her brother. When a gambler kills her brother, cheating at cards, Dan introduces Letty to the One who will forgive her past and give her a future. Letty makes an adjustment: right into the path of Dan Goodman’s life. She opens a supply depot for emigrants going out West and talks Dan into building the prairie schooners, hoping to keep him from leaving for Oregon.
Meanwhile, famed Civil War nurse, Clara Barton, involves Dan in the first trial in US history for war crimes. Dan testifies against the commandant of Andersonville Prison and begins to heal.

Irresistibly drawn to each other, Dan and Letty butt heads, but manage to fall in love as they stand at the crossroads of their lives. Letting go of the past, they embrace the future together, the one God planned for them all along.
Available at: www.amazon.com As an ebook or paperback.