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Friday, January 8, 2016

Terry Burns, western writer- NEW Facebook group!

TERRY BURNS  http://terryburns.us/
Terry Burns has written more than 40 books throughout various genres. His most popular works are his Christian Western Fiction novels and his helpful books on publishing, which draw on a decade’s worth of experience as a literary agent in addition to his work as an author.

In addition to Terry’s books on publishing, his blog, Cowboy Musing, has often focused on issues important to authors. You’ll find the archives full of helpful information, and as Terry continues in a consulting role for authors, his helpful insight and encouragement on Cowboy Musing will go on.

Follower of Christ

Throughout Terry’s career in publishing as both an author and agent, his purpose has been to reach out to the lost as a follower of Jesus Christ. You’ll find Terry’s personal testimony in the links above.

To those who love a well-written Christian Western, be sure to check out Terry's new FB group:


PLEASE READ - This is a place for those who love westerns without language or objectionable content and those who like a little inspirational content in their stories. Can include historical or historical romance that meets the criteria of being set in the 1800's and west of the Mississippi or contemporary that has a strong western theme.

All readers are welcome but book posts need approval to ensure they meet the above criteria and are monitored so inappropriate material will hopefully be caught before it goes on the page. If an inappropriate book or comment slips through please alert me and it will be immediately deleted. We want people to be able to trust the content that they find here.